Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Elora Eats

Elora has been trying her hand at utensils lately.

Elora likes to ham it up if she's being watched. She does a lot of sound effects. Here she is saying, "Mmmm" about her banana and apricot porridge, after pouring the last of it on herself:

When there's still some food on your bib, try licking it off.

OR, if you're not quite full, you can try this:


Lacey said...

Does Jonah share well? Ryan is a vulture when it comes to my drinks and I don't share well.

Susan said...

My, has she grown! Emily, your kids are truly darling! I need to see them in person!

Alicia said...


Jennie said...

Look at those gorgeous, big, brown eyes!!!