Friday, September 11, 2009


This is my good friend Angela. I think this is the only picture of us together. It was taken a week or so ago at her baby shower. She has a little girl named Vivian who is Jonah's age and they are best friends. She is due with her second child, a boy, on October 1st. I'm pretty sure he's coming early.
I've made some really good friends here in Heber. Angela and I try to get together every week for our kids to play. Angela is a truly generous soul. She is from Kentucky and is a pediatric nurse.
Then I've got Raquel, she has a son named Ethan who is Jonah's age and a four-year-old daughter Ellie. We used to take turns taking all four kids for two hours a week so we each got a two hour break for running errands child-free. During the summer we've been content with doing a playdate once a week. Raquel goes camping with her little family a lot. She is from a little town not far from here and works two days a week for a water company. She is spontaneous, organized, thrifty, and fun. She shares my passion for cooking.
Sheryl is a single mom to a sweet four-year-old boy. They live next door. She finished her bachelor's degree in business in June and when she finds a new job I fear she'll be moving. Sheryl appreciates an intellectual read and a funny show. She is, like Angela and Raquel, easy to talk to and non-judgemental. She is one of the other teachers in the women's class at church.
Those are my three best friends in Heber but I've got a handful of other good friends here too. I feel really lucky. I love my monthly bookclub meetings and now my monthly culinary club activities. I love the women at my church too. Social networks are such an important part of my life. My husband is my best friend, but he just doesn't appreciate a good chick flick, a whiney rant, reading a book with me, talking about pregnancy, or daily meal preparations the way my girlfriends do. Ladies, I'm blessed to have you.

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Sheryl said...

Oh, Emily! You just made my day! You're a sweetheart and thanks for the kind words. I'm so glad to be your neighbor, Visiting teacher, and most of all - friend. You are such a good mom and I love how your eyes light up every time you talk to them. It's a privilege to be your friend. Plus, I have you to blame for getting me hooked on a certain show - watched four episodes yesterday! :)