Sunday, December 20, 2009

Merry Christmas!

After addressing, stuffing, and stamping over 50 envelopes for Christmas cards yesterday I was more in "Christmas mode".
Today I baked cranberry bread (with orange juice and walnuts in it:) and anarchy cake (this time with cranberries & cherries). I also dipped pretzels in white chocolate. I tied ribbons on my bottles of homemade vanilla and curled them. I wrote in cards to go with gifts. I delivered a few gifts to neighbor friends.
Sacrament meeting (roughly the first hour of my church) today was awesome. It began 20 minutes early with a bell choir playing prelude music (Christmas songs). Then the entire program was done by the choir (singing Christmas carols). It was wonderful, even if I was rather distracted by my very overactive and funny Jonah.
During Sunday School (the second hour of church where we study scriptures) I took Jonah home for a nap and picked Elora up after her nap and brought her back to church with me. She wore a maroon velvet Christmas dress that was too darling (pics tomorrow). She is the youngest kid in nursery and I was informed that the older boys (20 mos. to 3 years old) really doted on her:)
Got two more gifts from neighbors this evening:) Tried a new dinner recipe which was interesting but I won't be doing again (unlike last week's risotto which was a huge success). And here I sit still listening to Christmas music.
Another good day.


victoria said...

That's my girl! Stylish and flirty from the beginning. My spell is progressing PERFECTLY! Muuuhaahaaaaa!!!

Lacey said...

i wish i was there! Homemade vanilla?