Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Music Night

I just watched two episodes of Glee (online since we no longer have tv).  Then I doinked around on itunes for a bit.  Now I've decided to post this clip from Easy A.
Intro: Olive has no plans for the weekend.  She gets a musical birthday card from her grandma on Friday and it accompanies her all around the house during her various activities the whole weekend.


Ryan and Elaine Pettit said...

I LOVE IT!!! that is sooo funny...I can totally see Malia dancing around on a card music...well may I do too hahaha.

Gina said...

I STILL need to see this movie! I love that girl! She was a total star in House Bunny so when I saw previews for Easy A I wanted to see it so bad... still waiting. Thanks for the AWESOME clip! Makes me happy!