Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Yesterday I left Jonah on the neighbors trampoline with three first-grader neighbor kids.  When I went to find him and bring him home for dinner 30 minutes later, I found him there with just one girl, who I'd never seen before.  She said her name was Reagan.

On the way home I asked Jonah if she was five too.
Jonah: Yes, and she lost a tooth.  And she's not five and a half, just five.  Not five and a quarters, not five and a pennies, just five.

When we went inside, I told Brandon that Jonah had made a new friend.
Jonah:  She's my girl friend and she's five.
Brandon: Oh, really.  What does she look like?
Jonah: She has dots on her nose and right here (pointing to his cheeks).
Brandon: Oh, freckles.
Jonah: What are they?
Me: They're angel kisses.
Me: They're sun spots.
Jonah: What do they do?
Me: Just make people look cute.
Brandon: What color is her hair?
Me: Is it like Vivian's?
Jonah: Yah!
Me: That's called blond.
Jonah: Yah, it's blond, only lighter.  It's lighter and soft.  I touched it and she didn't know.  It was so soft.  Soft and light.  Soft like a cat's.  I need to go back to her house and play with her cause she is all alone.
Me: She's probably inside eating her dinner.
Jonah: No, she already had dinner when were in Rylee's house and when I came over she was bored.  She was all alone just sitting on her trampoline.  She's lonely, I need to go over there.


coletrainwilkes said...

How cute and sad at the same time! Little guy is a baller!

Camie Rae said...

Too cute! I love it!!

Skye said...

That is so dang cute.

Matt and Dani said...

Seriously darling!!!!