Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Elora's 4th Birthday

My baby girl turned four yesterday!
French toast breakfast for the birthday girl

Then it was time for me and my friend Leah to bake cupcakes and transform Elora's bedroom into an Under the Sea wonderland.
The guests arrived and removed their shoes.  Pretty fancy footwear!

The girl's absolutely loved the bedroom turned ocean!

There were 10 clear balloon 'bubbles' on the ceiling and another dozen or so balloons scattered about the room.  The window is covered in blue bubble wrap so the whole room looks bluish and the walls are covered in paper shells, fish, and other sea creatures.

Alexia, Sophie, Elora, and Rachel

Elora wants to keep her room like this forever and ever and ever and ever!

Getting excited over gifts


stephanie said...

cutest pictures ever! especially the one where she gets excited about her gifts. such a darling girl. happy birthday, elora!

Lacey said...

The cupcakes are so cute! So I have started a different blog. One that is more matchy to our life now.

We need to catch up. Tues and Wed are the hardest for me. Give me a call when you have a down moment!