Sunday, July 01, 2012

Our Week

Sunday - I got home from Vegas.  The kids and I went to our new church for the first time.  We bought a fridge.
Monday - no recollection.  I think just unpacking, organizing, & cleaning.
Tuesday - playdate at a park in Rocklin with water features.

Bought a washer & dryer.
Wednesday - Errands n' such.

Thursday - Brandon didn't have to work, so after spending the morning organizing, hanging pictures, etc.  We went swimming with our new neighbors/friends, The F. family.
Friday - took the kids to see their first movie in the theater!  Overdid it by seeing something in 3D, which was too much for Elora who refused to wear the glasses for more than a couple minutes at a time but she still enjoyed Brave blurry.
Saturday - yoga, cleaning, playing with friends.  Then Elora and I went to my friend Danielle's baby shower.  I met Dani when she was on a mission in my ward in Oklahoma City.  Then we both moved to Utah and saw each other a few times there (her bridal shower, etc.).  Then she moved to Seattle where I saw her last summer.  She grew up an hour from where we live now and I went to her huge baby shower at her mom's house and when most of the guests were gone Elora went swimming in their pool.

Yesterday afternoon we went to Rocklin's Celebrate America festivities.  Tons of musical performances followed by a firework show.  The kids were up until 11:00!

Brandon and the F. family

Teagan, Elora, Kerrie, Ryker, and Jordan

American Idol's Danny Gokey performed and was very good.
Free admission made this one of the best Independence Day celebrations we've had.
(Beach Boys performance at Rice Stadium in '99 is another memorable year)


Camie Rae said...

Looks like you had an amazing week! Hope your move is going smoothly!

Annie said...

You did it! Unless I receive a message via facebook, I don't check in to see the news, I was one that didn't know until now that you decided on California. So excited for your family to experience this new adventure. Can't wait to hear more.

TedBrimley said...

Best pic is Elora's cutie face peaking out from behind the popcorn tub thats as big as she is haha