Monday, September 03, 2012

AZ in August

I hadn't been to Arizona in August in 10 years, but you know what, the heat didn't even bother me.  It's been over two weeks since I got back, so forgive me if this recap isn't as sharp as my one on Utah.
Stopped at Montezuma's Castle (a complete misnomer) on our way from Flagstaff to Mesa.

Spent a lot of the day just hanging out at Nana's house with Uncle Adam, Moqui, Kaleb, Ethan, Chandler, Nana, Gabe, Papa, and Claire.
Did I ever mention that my parents have a tendency to pick up strays?  Had someone staying in their guest bedroom right up until the day we got to town.

Dust storm moving in

Took Kaleb, Ethan, and Chandler to Bookmans where we met up with Ted and shopped.

Sunday the 12th we spent the afternoon at Robin's house.  I finally got to meet my niece Chloe, who is already 5 months old!
Had dinner back at my parents house with the fam there plus Mark and Amber.  It was nice to see Amber's cute pregnant belly.

Hung out with Karen for a bit on Monday morning.
And then after signing a minor out of police custody, we went to lunch with Robin, Nana, Paisley, and Chloe.
If you ever think your life sucks, think again.  Catherine just turned 15.  She got picked up by police that day because her stepmom turned her in for disturbing the peace.  She was punching things and screaming at her dad who makes her sleep on a futon in an apartment with no air conditioning (it was 118 degrees outside that week) where she is often hungry.  While her dad pays for her step-sister to sleep on Cat's bed in the  air conditioned apartment next door.
Where's her mother?  She's on drugs and Catherine has a restraining order against her after past violence.
Catherine enjoyed a week of sleeping in and eating bacon and eggs everyday before my dad got guardianship of her and got her registered for school.  So now my parents have living at home my two teenage siblings, my 18 y.o. nephew, and Catherine.

After lunch Mom, the kids and I spent an hour at Barnes and Noble.  A bit later we headed over to Robin's house for swimming, playing, and pizza.
Tuesday we ate at Ned's.  Hung out with the Courts.  Had gelatto with Ted & Lauren.  Went swimming with Spencer.
That night I did a girls' night out with Melissa, Chrisy, Tina, Michelle, and Theresa, all Sarah's friends.  We ate at the delicious Cornish Pasty and had a good time hanging out and talking.
Awesome lighting storm on the way home.

Wednesday spent hours hanging out with Gena while the kids enjoyed her pool.

That evening we went to Chandler's football practice, where I got caught up on the latest with Sarah's boys from Michael while Jack, Jonah, and Elora played and played at the playground.
Then we took Jackson out for icecream and played some more at the park before stopping to say goodnight and goodbye to Tucker, Robin, and Trent.

Thursday morning-ish my mom joined us for the roadtrip home.  We drove halfway and then stayed at a great motel somewhere north of L.A.
The kids enjoyed having Nana around for the next five days before she flew back home.

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