Friday, January 04, 2008

Random Stuff

Brandon and Jonah clapping and cheering for Viv and Tori on Guitar Hero.

Jonah with Grandpa Mike.

Alan and Linda always find us unique stocking stuffers.

"Christmas" morning #2.

Bathtime with Jocelyn.

Heading back to the cabin from the pond.

Snow accumulation at the cabin on the deck's table, chairs, and bird feeder.

Jonah lovin' on Cody.

Jonah watching us ice skate.

Jonah taking a quick turn at ice skating with Dad and loving it!

Jonah lounging on Aunt Andy's lap.

I don't think I've ever mentioned on here that we have deer that roam our neighborhood in the evenings. I usually see them in a pack of three, mostly young bucks. A couple nights ago as we were pulling into our driveway we saw a herd of about seven in our next-door neighbor's yard. Crazy.
Flying with an 11 month old is a nightmare. Even though he'd had a good morning nap, was fed and changed and entertained, there is no consoling a tired baby who doesn't know how to sleep without a bed and surrounded by distracting visuals and noises. Any tips?
Loved every minute of our trip to Illinois. Jonah basked in the attention and affection of Nana, Grandpa, and his two aunts. Brandon and I enjoyed having minimal responsibilities. Lisa and I stayed up super-late one night to watch all four hours of the North & South (British Elizabeth Gaskell novel adaptation) dvd she gave me for Christmas. Jonah's favorite Christmas gift was the vtech storybook I gave him. It's a plastic book that sings/reads nursery rhymes to him. He is also loving a toy which assists him in walking around the house, he holds onto the handle and pushes it all around. It's pretty darling, so are his two new top teeth.
Hmmm, what else?
Ah, yes, New Years. We arrived back in Utah on Sunday the 29th. On the 30th we went up to the J. family cabin with the Andy, Brandon M., Katie, Jamon, Alisha, and Joselyn. Alan and Linda were already up there. The next morning we did the J. family Christmas. We got lots of great gifts. My best one was probably the black dressy boots from Linda. Can't wait to wear them to church tomorrow.
Felt kind of crappy both days at the cabin but was determined to get out and enjoy some winter sports while I had someone willing to watch Jonah. I got to snowmobile for a couple hours and ice skate for a little bit too. I probably shouldn't have done either while I was pregnant, but I was very careful and will be more careful in the future. Had a ton of fun nonetheless.
New Years Eve I wasn't feeling well and was exhausted. I was asleep by 11. We set off fireworks before that with Linda's best friend and family. It was the coldest night of the year and our themometer said 1 degree at 10:30pm.
Jonah had his first fever last Saturday night. It was 105 and pretty scary. After some Motrin, some cold water, and a snuggle, he slept the rest of the night like a rock. He had a fever the next day but we kept it under control with baby Tylenol and baby Motrin. He never even acted fussy.
I've spent the last three days homebound so that I can always be close to a box of tissues. I ventured out last night to grocery shop. Brandon has had the same headcold as me. Today I'm actually feeling much better. Unfortunately today Jonah's nose has started running and he has a little cough when he sleeps. He's still his usual cheerful self though yesterday he was cranky. Is there anything I can give him before bedtime? The pharmasist said there isn't really anything on the market for children under age two but I remember a friend mentioning a product called Little Noses or something like that. Anyway, we have been blessed to have such a healthy little guy all these months.
Well, I think I'm beginning to ramble on and this post is going to be really long. Au Revoir!


Robin said...

Great picture of you and Jo!

sjmiller said...

What fun! I want to go ice skating!! (I have to pay if I want to.)

Sorry you guys are feeling sick. Wish I had advice to give you about Jonah's cold, but I don't.I hope you all feel better!

Lauren said...

Ah, poor Jonah. Being sick isn't fun stuff.

Such cute photos! I especially like the one with you and Jonah on Christmas morning :)

Nancy Face said...

Great pictures...I love the beautiful snow! :)

It would be so awesome to see deer roaming around!

Sorry about the sickness...a fever of 105 is really scary!

Anonymous said...

when you fly give Jonah an antihistamine; it will keep his ears from hurting during the change of altitude and make him sleep. Mommy