Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Independence Day Weekend

I had a great 4th of July weekend. I hope all my readers did as well.
We spent the weekend up at the in-laws cabin with the J. family. It is probably our last chance to all be together before Katie leaves for college in mid-August. Coach's summer football practices have already begun and Andy starts her fellowship the first of August.
Unfortunately I forgot my camera the first day and then took almost no pictures afterwards (I'll try to get some from Linda asap) so I'll have to tell you about the weekend with words instead.
Thursday evening we all got up to the cabin: Alan, Linda, Cody (the Labrador Retriever), Andy, Brandon M. (aka: Coach), Oakley (the Boxer), Katie, her boyfriend Jason, Me, Brandon, Jonah, and Elora.
Friday we took Alan's two new kayaks down to the pond where we usually take the dogs to go swimming. Everybody took a turn paddling around and nobody fell in. It was surprisingly fun. Jonah spent at least an hour riding slowly on a four-wheeler with Grandpa. He LOVES Gampa and apparently loves 4-wheelers too. That evening we took the ski boat out on Deer Creek reservoir, it looked like rain so we basically had the whole lake to ourselves. Brandon, Alan, Jason, and I did some boat surfing. Brandon and Jason did a little body surfing behind the boat too. When the water got glassy Andy and Coach did a little slalom skiing. Jonah was up til almost 10 (2 and a half hours later than usual) but was pleasant anyway because he had so much excitement going on.
Saturday I got to sleep in a bit, did some reading, and went for a hike with Andy, Coach, Brandon, and Jonah. I even tried out our new (thank you Adam & Michelle!) baby pack with Jonah in it for awhile. I'm not as out of shape as one might expect. Andy's best friend Laurie (pregnant with twins), her hubby Terek, and their giant dog Max came up late that afternoon. We had a delicious dutch oven dinner. After dinner we played Loaded Questions, which was highly entertaining.
Sunday went kayaking in the morning again.

Brandon & I on the pond.

We saw several salamanders in the pond, which was really cool. We hung out on the deck a lot that day, the weather was absolutely gorgeous. We got home just before Jonah's bedtime.
Monday Brandon had the day off work (he's taking Mondays off for the rest of the summer while business is slower to keep his other days busy). We spent the day mostly being lazy and it was really nice to be back in our baby proof home.


Lauren said...

Awww...how fun! I love the picture...it is so beautiful. I have never been kayaking before, but it looks fun.

Mmm...dutch over dinner.

Lorena said...

nothing better than spending time with the family!!

Nancy Face said...

It sounds like a great time! :)