Sunday, April 19, 2009


I just went through my April photos trying to decide which ones to post in an attempt to update you all on what's been going on with us since I've hardly posted anything about our to-dos lately. I haven't even told you about Easter or anything. Pretty much every picture I've taken this month has been of Jonah doing somthing hysterical like the above. Found Brandon's earplugs on the bedside table...

Speaking of Easter though, we did an egghunt at the city park on the Saturday before. Jonah mostly just stared at the hundreds of people surrounding him, but did manage to pick up a couple plastic eggs with the help of his dad. He had me, Elora, Alan, Linda, Andy, Kathy, Alex, and the three dogs there cheering he and Bryson on in their "hunt." We all went to lunch at a local cafe afterwards. We never did manage to dye any eggs of our own. We spent that night and the next up at the cabin.
Sunday after I went to church alone while the kids napped we gave the kids their baskets. I got them each two books. Grammy and Gampa got them some candy, toys, stuffed animals, and books. They both really liked the fake grass in Jonah's basket and Jonah liked the candy A LOT. He doesn't get many sweets regularly.

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