Friday, April 10, 2009

These Are a Few of Their Favorite Things

Jonah's Current Favorites
meal: anything involving "noodle-oodle-oodle"s
snack: prunes & raisins
least favorite foods: frozen waffles (even with blueberries), raw mushrooms (He also still can't manage to swallow bacon or raw carrots)
word: no no no, share
letter: "double K"
toy: balls, chairs
book: Go Dog Go
song: anything he knows the words or actions to & So What by P!nk that he loves to dance to
stuffie: usually asks for Moose and Krog (aka: frog)
favorite color: green (well that's the one he says the most)
show: Curious George, Sid the Science Kid, Thomas the Train...
workout video: Tae Bo eight minute workout (he much prefers this over yoga and the other videos I've watched, though he liked the walking one quite a bit)
animal: Rusty the cat, who seems to be asking to be tormented

He can now sight read nine words from flashcards. He can count outloud to five. He knows his colors, shapes, and a few letters. He refers to himself as "Joanie" instead of Jo Jo now. Our favorite words to hear him say are "shake-a cheese" (shakey cheese) and recipe. Share is always good too.

Elora's Current Favorites
food: finger foods, but she's not picky
book: fairly disinterested
song: anything she can dance to or anything Jonah & I sing
toy: balls, mini kitchen, things that make noise...
show: mostly disinterested
stuffie: totally disinterested
animal: Cody the yellow lab who lets her kiss him

Elora now officially says "nigh night" and "da-da". She appears to be allergic to peaches, just like Jonah was when he was younger. Just like Jonah, she is irresistably drawn to Daddy. She speed crawls to wherever he is when she hears his voice then gets up on her knees to beg to be held. Sometimes she gives really nice kisses. She likes to pull my hair and bite my clothes lately.


victoria said...

no ma ma??

Cher said...

This is a really good idea to post these things about your kids. I think I'm going to do this soon. They change so quickly it is great you have this stuff down when they are so young.