Friday, May 08, 2009


If you were looking for dinosaur bones, you might use a brush similar to this:

Or you might wear a hat like this:

Last Friday I took the kids and went to the dinosaur museum at Thanksgiving Point. It was pretty great. Jonah doesn't have books or movies with dinosaurs so he didn't know what they were so I kept calling them 'monster dinosaurs', so now he calls them 'monstosaurs' 'monsaurs' or 'lions'. I don't know where lion came from. We bought several dinosaur things at the gift shop. He really likes the pills that dissolve in water to let out a small dino-sponge and his 18 inch inflatable monstosaur that he's been sleeping with all week.


Huber Family said...

I love that place!

Andy said...

They are the cutest! Darling! Love em!

Skye said...

that is so cute, I love "monstasaurs." We bought a season pass to the ogden dino park cause Kire loves them too. Did you guys go to a movie too-those are fun, though the 3D glasses are kind of hard for young kids to keep on.

Kami said...

I have ALWAYS wanted to take my kids there as I pass it going to my sisters house. Maybe this summer! I hear it is pretty pricy, but is it worth it for ages 7,5,2?

Annie said...

Vance would be delighted to tell Jonah ALL about dinosaurs. He's slightly obsessed right now. He can tell all of their names, what era they were a part of, if they are carnivors or not etc. It's the latest and greatest in our household.
I'm so glad you got out to see that exhibit. Sounds like you are finding some fun stuff to do while still juggling naps. How'd Elora do at the museum?