Thursday, May 07, 2009

Most Recently

As of today, Elora prefers to do all of her traveling by foot.

Alisha & Scarlett, Deidre & Colton, Me & Teeny Woman at Gary's funeral on Saturday. These babies were all born within two weeks of one another.

Saturday morning the first green sprouts of our pea plants started showing up.

The boys leaving to go four-wheeling in the rain on Sunday night.

Jumping on trampolines is absolutely Jonah's very favorite thing in the world (followed closely by motorcycle rides).

Elora, Jonah, and Scarlett.

Adam, Jocelyn, Alisha, Jamon carrying Scarlett with Elora and I at a park on our walk on Monday.

Playing with Uncle Adam.


Liam's Mom said...

Congrats to little Elora on her walking skills!

I am laughing at that last photo of Jonah! Awesome!

victoria said...

Uncle Adam is my type of guy.. lol!!

Annie said...

That last photo is hysterical! I absolutely love it.