Saturday, December 19, 2009


Is it possible to be a politically conservative Christian and still find Bill O'Reilly, Glenn Beck, and Ann Coulter repugnant? Admittedly I don't watch political talk shows or listen to talk radio. The closest I come is listening to NPR in the car for about 30 minutes once a month. Frankly, I barely know what's going on in the world. But I've watched segments of their shows, read things they've written, seen interviews with them, and know a bit about them and I'm totally turned off by the little I've been exposed to. They all seem like rude know-it-alls who are insensitive and love shock appeal and aren't willing to try to see things from any one else's point of view.
If it makes my right wing relatives feel any better, I detest Bill Maher.
What little I've seen of Jon Stewart and Steven Colbert is hysterical and right on the money.
I've never listened to Rush Limbaugh or watched Hannity.
I prefer Letterman to Leno (though I like both) and Ellen to Oprah (though both are ridiculous in their own ways).
Please share your thoughts. You know I encourage healthy debates and lively discussion here in Wonderland.


Abbie said...

Of course they're all ridiculous and after shock appeal. They're in it for the ratings (both sides). Glenn Beck used to be really normal til he moved to Fox News. Now he's crazy.

All of them show the super extremes of each party, and I've only met one person in real life who actually believes everything these guys preach. And he's the most ridiculous & naive person I know.

Whitleypedia said...

Rush is thoughtful; the other two are not as much. The conservative movement has lost the intellectual gravitas it had with WFB, alas.

Kent said...

I don't watch or listen to any of the folks that you listed, or anyone else of a similar ilk for that matter. Back in the early 90s when I first started as station manager at AM 960 in Provo, we carried Rush for a short time and I remember thinking how much his style irritated me and I couldn't figure out who would listen to such a negative approach. Just by chance I happened to catch about 5 minutes of his show last week and realized not much had changed in 18 years.

These people are paid entertainers and they maintain an audience with tactics that aren't exactly polite. While doing so likely informs some people about important issues, it also provides a strong example for demonizing those who view the world differently than oneself.

I suppose I could also label them repugnant...but I've already given them more thought than I would normally, so I'm just going to continue to ignore them.

victoria said...

Yeah, as a Journalism/PR major, I pretty much am finding ALL commentary "news" shows repulsive. My mom used to watch news shows all the time but just this week she has had it too! (thank goodness) It just gets SOO picky and critical. From a PR standpoint I am AMAZED at how these shows can confuse people SO much that even if they have factual proof in front of their face, they still question it and try to spin it. Frustrates me! People have NO idea what a fact is anymore and quote these commentary shows as "fact" and it is really scary. They are OPINIONS and VALUE JUDGEMENTS not backed up by valid referenced FACTS.

I am REALLY worried at all the hate being pushed and fear tactics scaring people into their way of thinking. Provoking some fundamentalist crazy people can lead to BAD things (like the OKC bombing). It is ALL about ratings and I wish more people realized and could comprehend that but it is hard unless you have lived it first hand because it is unimaginable that that kind of greed can exist, and it does. On all sides.

I do LOVE me some John Stewart and Colbert because I LOVE how they make fun of the ridiculousness of it all and call people out! We need some humor these days!

Ashly said...

I, too, have had very little exposure to political talk shows. The only talk radio show I really listen to is the Doug Wright show, and I really quite enjoy hearing the issues he brings up and the opinions people share.

Susan said...

This is so funny. Matt loves Glenn Beck and listens to him whenver I can. I can almost ditto your blog entry. Ellen D. is hilarious and has truly grown on me over the years. Anyway, thanks for the nice comment. You made my day!

Lisa said...

I do not listen to these people purposely, because they make me want to murder saints and punch small children. Anne Coulter specifically is an absolutely rude, irrational lunatic. I realize that I am a pretty die-hard Democrat, but even if I were a Republican, I would be embarrassed by these people making my beliefs look bad in the public when there isn't much conservtaive presence in the media for people to draw on. I mean, my conservative friends are always talking about the "liberal media" and how they skew things toward their slant, but when the conservatives on TV are like watching a circus freak show, there isn't much left to watch. Maybe I would be more willing to accept the conservative side as having any sort of credibility if the supposed "experts" broadcasting on TV were more rational people.

How can you not like John Stewart? I mean, even if he's a liberal, the guy is HILARIOUS (as is the Colbert Report).

Andy said...

I concur. Down with the biased "news" channels. Where did the objective reporting go? I got sick of it during the election last year. Everyone has an agenda. They are just politial sales people on TV. It is insulting. I do like NPR, I think it is the only source that is remotely accurate. I also like John Stewart and Steven Colbert.

sjmiller said...

I am in total agreeance with you, 100%. I'm tired of people listening to Beck, et all and just taking what they say and running with it like it's the gospel truth, and the world is coming to an end.

I tend to shy away from those types of people/things since they are EXTREMELY one sided. It's really hard to get unbiased news now, and that makes getting the "truth" more difficult. I hate acare tactics and Beck, et. all are the WORST!

I love Stewart and Colbert though!

Mike said...

I'll comment just because I don't really like John Stewart. I used to, but during the Bush years, he seemed to be less funny and more like he had an agenda himself. I think SNL does the best job of true comedy aimed at both sides.

I like the ideas that some of the talk radio people bring out, but yes, it does grate on the ears after awhile.

Some calmer people I have listened to are Hugh Hewitt, Larry Elder, and Michael Medved.

Ryan Pettit said...

I used to spend a lot of time listening to these guys... but eventually, I reached a point of saturation and am actually annoyed by them.

I decided that my world is exactly that, "my world". Meaning all I can change is me... So now I spend time listening to, and associating myself with people that can motivate me through ideas and their examples to improve me and my little family and our future.

I am not impressed with the personal examples of any of these TV talking heads in real life. But here are a few bits of criteria that I use when looking to others for advice:

1. Never seek health advice from a couch potato.
2. Never seek financial advice from a broke person (or someone that only appears rich)
3. Never seek spiritual advice from someone who doesn't truly live what they profess to believe.

Of course nobody is perfect... but I enjoy spending time with those who make the effort towards personal progress.

Lacey said...

i cant STAND oprah! Horrible.

Anonymous said...

Yes. Oprah is the antichrist. Detestable!