Monday, October 18, 2010

Easy A

If you liked Clueless and Mean Girls, then you are going to like Easy A.  It is funny and sweet.  The parents are slightly unrealistic and totally hysterical (I love Stanley Tucci).  And I've never seen any of these teen stars in anything else before, which was kind of refreshing, except for Amanda Bynes who is certainly no teenager and should stop auditioning for and being cast as one.  She is adorable but frankly, quite obnoxious and can't act.  
The best part and the biggest flaw of this movie is the main character.  Her name is Olive and she is played my the actress Emma Stone.  Emma Stone looks a little too mature to be playing a teenager to me and is way too gorgeous to be playing the unpopular girl that has only one friend and whom boys never notice until she becomes the topic of the latest rumor.  Other than that, she's great to look at and plays an extremely funny, ballsy character who is loads of fun and laughs.
Watch for the Pocketful of Sunshine montage at the beginning, it is probably my favorite part of the movie, though the whole thing was lots of fun.  This is a movie you probably can't drag your significant other to see (though he'd probably like it more than many chick flicks) so make it a girl's night.


Katie said...

Yay! I'm glad you gave this movie a good review because I've been dying to see it! and I agree, she is WAY too gorgeous to go unnoticed. I want to dye my hair her color...thoughts? Also agree with how obnoxious amanda bynes is.

Skye said...

I saw The Social Network last weekend instead, which I really liked but now I'll have to see this.

Lacey said...

Pocketful of Sunshine sounds like it would make a wonderful montage. I just watched Percy Jackson. I liked it.