Monday, May 23, 2011

Elora's Birthday Weekend

Friday afternoon the kids and I returned from Arizona.  Later that afternoon Elora had her dance recital dress rehearsal.  It was in Park City, so while we were there I took the kids to check out my work, meet a bunch of my co-workers and try the mac n' cheese there.
Saturday morning I got to sleep in.  It felt like the first time in a LONG time.  I am really wiped out with all the traveling and the emotional stress.  When I get up I run to the grocery store for soccer team treats and cake mix.  Jonah's last soccer game is cute and he is tired out afterwards having had to play the entire game since two of his teammates were missing and there was nobody to trade off with.

While Elora takes a very short nap, I bake her a strawberry birthday cake.
Aunt Andy and Uncle Coach meet us in Park City for Elora's dance recital.  It is adorable!

After the dance, we all head to a park to play, open presents, and eat cake & ice cream.

Sunday I go to church but can't pry the kids away from their dad to join me.  They missed their daddy while we were in AZ!  The kids and I take long naps in the afternoon and then play and talk with neighbors in the sunshine while Brandon goes with his dad and Linda to give the wakeboarding boat a trial run before the boating season begins.  Then we have dinner and celebrate Elora's birthday some more.


Lacey said...

So very cute. I always had a strawberry cake for my birthday when I was little too.

Robin said...

Her rainbow-y dance costume is darling on her! I love that little girl!