Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Mark's Wedding - finally

The reason I was in Arizona a couple weeks ago was to go to my little brother, Mark's, wedding.  I haven't even posted any pictures from the event yet.  Here they are:
Coming out of the Mesa, AZ LDS temple

B. family boys

little boys and Elora

Claire & Brandon

Probably my favorite picture of the day

Sarah with her two oldest boys

and her youngest

Moqui and Charlotte, age 5 1/2

My brother Spencer and his BFF/nephew Gabe

Sampling desserts with Kaleb


Aaryn & Mánon said...

Way cute pics! It's crazy that you have a brother named Mark and my dad's name is Mark. Gets quite confusing when I want to Facebook my dad. Hehe. I'm surprised your little bro hasn't got an email by accident from me. Too bad we missed each other in AZ. I have to go down there for a Master's Degree internship for a week June 17th. Emily what part of Utah do you live in? We should visit each other sometime. You could check out Denver here and we could show you guys around;)

Lacey said...

Great pics! I love the wedding dress!

Skye said...

You guys look so great, I love the colors!