Monday, June 06, 2011


I have to say, I feel like quite a trendsetter.  Since we got our chickens last Easter, three of our friends here in town have gotten their own backyard flocks.  I'm not really sure if we had any influence in their decisions, but I like to think so:)
Well, our Biancas (the white leghorns) have been behaving badly.  They attack whoever feeds them if they won't let them out of their cage.  Yesterday Brandon had had enough.
Here he is after killing and plucking her watching an online tutorial on how to butcher your own chicken

Apparently the kids watched him gut her and were only squeamish about the removing of the heart.

I don't think our tan little Jonah has ever eaten a meal with such relish.

I have committed myself to eating more eggs so we don't loose another chicken.  I love giving eggs away to friends and neighbors but Brandon thinks that is a waste.  Elora is already talking about killing and eating another of our chickens but I'm hoping that won't happen.


Cher said...

NO WAY! I am actually impressed in a weird way! Did you eat the chicken too? How did you cook it?

Carrie said...

Love it! Mary was happy about your choice for the slaughter!

Katie said...

Laughed so hard about this! this totally sounds like something my brother would do...I can't believe the kiddos weren't squeemish! But i bet it made for some good eats!

Lacey said...

Oh my! I'm speechless. Glad the kids took it so well.

Skye said...

ha ha, I can't believe the kids didn't mind eating him!