Thursday, June 30, 2011

Catching Up

I've been really busy the past two weeks.  At least it feels that way to me.  Here's the recap:
-Last Monday I made 22 phone calls to organize a last minute baby shower for my BFF Jen while her sister is in town this weekend.
-Last Tuesday I took the kids to the Natural History Museum on BYU's campus.  I heard someone call it the "dead zoo" as it is pretty much just tons of stuffed animals.

We went to the creamery for fruit and ice-cream and had lunch at University Mall's foodcourt.

We did a little shopping and a return and did the same at Target before heading home awfully tired.
I worked in the evening.  It was a big party, hopefully I made big money.

-Last Wednesday evening was my first screenwriting class.  Taught by Richard Dutcher.  He is a great storyteller and teacher.  I will have my first screenplay finished and up for sale in nine weeks.
-Last Thursday was bookclub at my place (which means my house had to be fairly clean and refreshments provided.
-Last Friday shopped for decorations, party favors, drinks, and a gift before Jen's baby shower.  I got to the restaurant early and decorated the banquet room I had reserved.  I ordered appetizers for everyone once most of the guests had arrived.  It was very low-key, much like the mother-to-be.  No games, no measuring her belly, just good food and company and gifts.

After the shower Sara Jane and I rented a movie and had a sleepover since she was in town from Cedar City.
-Saturday night I worked a big event.  It was incredibly hectic.  After work I went dancing with two of my co-workers who are both about 10 years younger than me.  Those girls were really fun to dance with.  I don't remember when I last went dancing!
-Sunday was stake conference at church.  Then a lovely lazy day.
-Monday I took the kids and Jonah's friend Vivian to the rec center and then home where I made mini-meatloaf muffins.  That night I worked and made good money for a Monday.
Tuesday we went to a new park.  Wasatch State Park in Midway.  It was really great.  We fed ducks and saw nests of baby swallows and visited the visitors' center and went for a gorgeous drive.

-Wednesday we went to the Park City farmers' market and ate lunch and had treats and rode the gondola at The Canyons. 

Last night was my second scriptwriting class and I turned in the first 17 pages of my script; a very rough draft but really exciting.
-Today we woke up late, lulled by the dark and thunderous rainstorm that continued on from last night.  We had a play-date with the Ferg. family and spent most of the rest of the day playing with neighbors.  I did manage to tidy up the kitchen and sweep and mop the filthy floors.
Tomorrow I leave for a four-day weekend to AZ.  Sarah's tumors have shrunk from the chemo but her short-term memory is pretty much non-existent.  Thank you for your prayers on her behalf.

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