Monday, September 19, 2011

Don't You Just Love Fall?

September and October are my favorite months of the year.  September has warm days but the evenings are starting to cool off.  Change is in the air.  People start wanting to cook indoors and bake again.

October is cool and crisp and smells of dried leaves and pumpkins.  Winter squash, apples, and soups are in season:)  Not to mention quick breads and pumpkin desserts.  Halloween decorations are up (mine actually come out around Labor Day).  The leaves are changing.  Sweater season (I wish I could wear a pair of jeans, a sweater, and boots everyday of the year.  At least I can for all of Oct. and Nov. and again in spring.)  Ah, I love it all!

Fall is also my favorite time to travel, especially to places with gorgeous foliage.
Oct. 2003 - my first trip to NYC.  Gorgeous.
Oct. 2006 - Massachusetts.  Beyond gorgeous.
Sept. 2007 - 2nd trip to San Francisco.
Sept. 2008 - Oklahoma, southern UT, & AZ (two gorgeous fall weddings)

Oct. 2009 - Colorado.  Majestic.
Oct. 2010- Connecticut (& 3rd trip to NYC).  Brilliant.  And Oregon, which was also lovely.

Oct. 2011 - Anaheim, CA.  Unimpressive foliage but it's gonna be SO much fun!

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Katie Camacho said...

I just recently decided that my favorite months have to be October, November, and December. Fall colors and smells in the air in october. plus I love ANYTHING pumpkin flavored and squash and apples are the best. Then I get Halloween, my birthday and Thanksgiving one right after another!! Then Christmas and time to see the family and new years all at a time when the snow is still pretty and hasn't turned into obnoxious grey slush! seriously, what is not to love?? I also agree with the jeans and boots statement, except I'm obsessed with scarves!!!