Monday, September 26, 2011


Babysat Trey 

 The kids went backpacking with Dad, Papa, and Grammy while I worked & had class over Labor Day.

Brandon & Alan set up Al's 26 ft. teepee behind the cabin and we spent a night in it.

Farewell BBQ for my screenwriting class

Walking Jonah to his first day of preschool

They posed themselves for this one!

Trying costumes at The Disney Store.  She tried on every pair of princess shoes in the store!

Having fun in a Halloween shop in the mall

Elora begins preschool

The Halloween decorations go up

Jonah tries a climbing wall in our friend's garage

Brandon builds a wigwam

Date night

Brandon makes the kids a swing

Brandon bakes me a birthday cake (he's a keeper isn't he?)

The kids take advantage of everything there is to do at The Homestead's 125th Anniversary festival this past Saturday.  We had a blast!

Elora got a unicorn and Jonah a spider

Elora kisses a frog

The leaves start to change on the mountains

And that's not counting playdates, catching a frog, catching a snake, going on walks...


Katie Camacho said...

This is an amazing post! I didn't realize the kiddos were already starting preschool! Noooo they are getting too big! Send them to Never-never land until I come home. Tipi and Wigwam pictures are GREAT! I can't believe that you guys built a wigwam...actually I can believe it. haha. Cute date night and birthday pictures :) And I still need to read the rest of your screen play because I must know how it ends! I love you and miss you and I'm glad to see that you guys are staying busy and having fun! XOXO

Lacey said...

What a pretty photo.