Monday, October 24, 2011

AZ in Oct.

I think I am going to set a record for most photos taken in one month this month.  I took tons over the weekend and I'm nowhere near caught up here on the blog.
Spent Oct. 5-10th in AZ.  Babysat my sister Robin's kids for four days while she was in Hawaii.  Jonah and Elora were in cousin heaven.
Hey Mark, funny boots.

The backyard playhouse saw a lot of use

The young kids braved the cooled pool water

Henry and Paisley's Arizona blood didn't let them enjoy it for very long;)

Elora & Henry swinging while Miss P. patiently waits her turn

Charlotte & Elora in front, Hank & Joe in back

Bestest Buddies

The whole gang after church

Elora and Henry were good buddies too

Everybody eating smoothies and watching a show

Jonah and Tucker watching a movie together

PJ Princesses

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