Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Disneyland Day 1

My sister, Claire (almost 13), rode with the kids and I to Anaheim on Monday the 10th.  We checked in at the beautiful Anabella hotel, and then I left them there while I picked up Brandon from the airport.  My mom and dad arrived and fed the kids.  Meanwhile I ran out of gas after picking up Brandon:(  When we got back we picked up Claire and went to dinner with my friend Vanessa at Naples in Downtown Disney.  Best pizza ever, very authentic.
The next morning the kids received a call from Mickey (Papa Alan does a great impersonation) inviting them to come find he and Minnie at the park.  The nine of us walked over to the park together but the my family split shortly to go enjoy the adult rides while we went on the kiddie stuff.

"Tickets" in hand, ready to go in!

with Nana Colleen

The boys realizing this is their first trip to Disneyland together

1st ride - Dumbo the Flying Elephant

2nd - King Arthur's Carousel

3rd - The Mad Hatter's Tea Party

Elora was ecstatic!


Elora's scared face

Exhaustion kicked in after an hour wait in the line to meet princesses

After a 20 min. nap she got to meet Aurora, Snow White & Cinderella

Exploring the Pirate's Lair on the island

In the tikki, tikki, tikki, tikki, tikki room

Watching the parade

Elora waving at the princesses in the parade

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Lacey said...

I love that last picture:) Looks like a fun trip.