Friday, July 20, 2012

The New House

Here's our new home from the front.
3-car garage.
1577 s.f.

On the right is our front door, so when you walk in this big room is on your right (though it's taken from the family room here).  This is the office and Brandon's computer/PS3 headquarters.

Family room, dining room, kitchen

family room

Jonah's room, kids' bathroom, master bedroom

hall (taken from my bedroom doorway), Elora's room is on the left, laundry room & door to garage are straight ahead, and Jonah's room is on the right

Back patio with our new patio dining set :)


Annie said...

Wonderful! Looks very spacious and beautiful. How great to be all moved in. So happy for your next adventures.

TedBrimley said...

Good move getting the outdoor dining set. I approve. Great looking house too.