Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Casino Royale

Even though I found the new Bond to be unattractive I decided to see the movie anyway. I was not disappointed (neither were any of the professional reviewers). I think we may have found our best Bond and Bond girl ever. Definitely my favorite Bond film, even better than the Sean Connery days. No, it wasn't perfect, but yes, it was excellent. I may have to see it again this weekend. And if you like amazing physical stunts, not just car chases and things blowing up, the first 20 minutes (a foot chase thru a city in Madagascar) will delight you in a Jackie Chan-type way. A-. Go see it!


Tori :) said...

My brother (who is now on a mission) is a HUGE Bond fan. HUGE! I've never really gotten into it, unless it was Sean COnnery. But, for some reason this Bond movie looks really good. I want to see it. I think Daniel Craig (is that his name?) actually seems like he could kick butt- unlike Pierce Brosnan. I don't know?! Anyway- thanks for the review!!

Liam's Mom - Gina said...

Isn't YOUR brother in Madagascar? Very cool you got a glimpse of it in the movie! I really want to see this now.

I saw The Holiday yesterday. Another Notting Hill movie I HAVE to own when it comes out.