Thursday, November 09, 2006

Cocoa Butter?

Last night, while laying in bed looking at my belly, Brandon discovered a stretch mark! It's my first pregnancy stretch mark. It doesn't really look stretchy, although it is low enough that I can hardly see it, even in the mirror. It is dark reddish and looks more like a hickey or a bruise than anything, only it is pretty much a short straight line.
My mom gave birth to nine children and only has one belly stretch mark. My older sister got hundreds of stretch marks during her first pregnancy. Hopefully I've got good elastin (or is it collagen?) and more of Mom's genes. Most of my stretching will happen over the next 3 months so I will probably get more, but let's hope for the best.
I've been using an anti-stretch mark cream whenever I get out of the shower, but I'm almost out of it. I know genetics play a much bigger role than anything else, but does any body have any favorite belly creams they'd like to recommend?


Abbie said...

I wanted to add to my list of essentials: a swing. Sophie sleeps in hers (thanks to advice from The Happiest Baby... book). I wish we had 3 so I didn't have to lug it around to all the rooms of our house.

Megan said...

I don't have any cream advice, the few doctors I saw & have talked to all said to save your money & spend it on the baby. If you are genetically going to get them, you are going to get them. The cream is just to make your itch less, so just find a lotion you like & find a way to appreciate those marks! In they end, that baby is so worth it, atleast I think Hannah is worth all of mine!!