Tuesday, November 14, 2006

What is that smell?

Last night we noticed a bad odor in the kitchen. It wasn't the diswasher, it wasn't the disposal. There were hardly any dirty dishes, so it wasn't old food in/on them. It didn't seem to be the fridge or the trash.
This morning we discovered it was a rotten potato in a small bag of potatoes on the counter. Rotten potatoes rank up there with old flower water on my list of worst smells. It had leaked its oozy liquid out onto my counter. I cleaned it up and disinfected, but the smell has dispursed throughout the house. I have two candles lit right now. What I'm concerned about is that some of the liquid has probably leaked down the side of the counter on to the floor next to/under the fridge. The crack between the fridge and the counter is a scary place. It is too thin to get a broom into and it is full of lint and cat hair and probably a few magnents, etc. I know for a fact there is a postcard and a dehydrated (by now) cherry tomato down there. If the potato stench isn't gone in an hour I will loose my mind. How do I get in there to clean?!


Abbie said...

Ooooh, Jake and I had a potato incident in our last apartment. The worst part was that the floor of our pantry (where the potatoes lived) was carpeted. And you're right, that is the worst smell. You need some deodorizer, or maybe some antibacterial spray.

Mrs. Burns said...

We had a bag of potatoes leave a big brown spot on the floor where it sat and rotted. Very gross. It probably doesn't help that your sence of smell is enhanced. Good luck.

Cathy said...

Danny and lindsi borrowed my car while I was in Hawaii last summer and left a bag of potatoes in the trunk. We didn't find it for a couple of months so you can imagine how bad the smell was. My friends always mentioned a weird smell comming from my car but we could never figure out what it was... nasty rotten potatoes