Wednesday, September 05, 2007


Made you look!
Just thought I'd make a quick comment to those comments about the skinny dipping (since I don't reply to comments in my own comments). Skinny dipping with the girls at Lake Powell has been a tradition since 1996, the first year I went (and maybe a couple years before?). It is girls-only and we go in the dark, far from anyone else. I love it. But I also like being nude, alone. In fact, I'm naked right now. Just kidding.

More important news:

Today is Brandon's first day on the job with Dr. F. I believe Dr. F said he interviewed six other dentists for the position. Way to go B!! He will be working this job in Heber three days a week and still working two half-days a week in SLC.

We found a house! We are just renting, but the place is huge and beautiful and inexpensive. We move in on Saturday.


Tori :) said...

Congrats to Brandon on his job!! YAY!! And on your house!! YAY YAY!!

If I had a cuter body (like you- in a non-creepy way- I'd like to be naked too.

Nancy Face said...

Yay for Brandon's job! I bet he enjoys coming home and finding you blogging. ;)

The house sounds great! I'm excited for you! :D

Lisa M. said...

YAY! How neat.

I love skinny dipping and chunky dunkn.


I'm glad you have fun.

Liam's Mom - Gina said...

You crack me up!

Great news on the job and the new digs!