Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Questions for Experienced Mothers

Jonah is about to grow out of his infant car carrier seat. Anybody have a recomendation for the next one?

I'm traveling to San Francisco with Jonah in less than three weeks and traveling to Mexico with him in November. Any travel tips on vacationing with a 8 mos. old and a 10 mos. old? How do I keep him entertained and safe in Cabo San Lucas? Any tips for public transportation in SF? Please leave your comments!

I've got to post video of him army crawling. He is great!


Tori :) said...

I don't really have a recommendation on a carseat other than I would make sure it has a 5 point harness, otherwise he'll eventually figure a way out.

Mike said...

since he's not one yet, he still needs to face backwards, so make sure you get one that can go either way.

as for traveling: lots of treats, lots of snacks, and a few new toys have always worked for me. good luck!

Stephanie said...

duh, that was me, not mike. i am so retarded.

Kayelyn said...

I have been so amazed at how well the DVD things work when traveling. My best advice is to eat at a place with a play ground and spend at least 30 minutes playing. It's a nice break for everyone.

I like to sing songs with my kiddos, too. Not rock music per se, but songs like skidamarink, bubble gum, peanut butter, the woman who swallowed a fly, etc.

Let me know if you need to call me and have my sing you the words;)
Have fun.

melmck said...

i second stephanie's comment on the "convertable carseat". then you can turn him around when he turns one and keep the same seat.

also, you will have to check the carseat, so keep that in mind when having to claim your baggage.

and toys, treats, snacks, and books. always a good idea.

i just had the worst travel experience of my life and i hope yours goes much more smoothly than mine.

i'll be thinkin about you!

eve said...

I don't know how I found your blog, but somehow I stumbled across it. I'm from San Francisco! It's a great City. I wonder where you'll be staying and what your plans are. About the bus system in SF--there is a great number that has tons of information about San Francisco, including transportation! If you're inside the city limits I think you can just dial 311 but if you want to dial the regular number it's 415-673-MUNI (6864). Let me know if you want some suggestions of stuff to do.

Jane Maynard said...

hi emily...you don't know me personally (it's jane from this week for dinner)...I was checking my stats, clicked on your blog and just have to answer your carseat question...even though I totally feel like I'm spying on you! :) I'm actually planning a post about car seats sometime, even though it has NOTHING to do with food...:)

so, you definitely need to get a convertible. the little ones should stay rear-facing until they're at LEAST 1...longer if you can...the reason being you don't know when you're child's spine is totally developed. 1 year is a guideline, but I went longer than that just to be safe.

as for brands...britax is great. expensive, but the best out there. we have the marathon, which can be rear-facing up to 35 lbs and forward-facing up to 65 lbs, so it will last FOREVER. the roundabout is the next size down, if the marathon is too big - also a great seat, the weight limits are just lower. I'm sure there are other good car seats out there, but figured I'd share! :) just make sure you get a convertible.

good luck with the travels!

Tori :) said...

If you check your carseat at the airport it doesn't count as a bag, so... no worries there. I had 2 bags and 2 carseats the last time I went and the airline told me carseats don't count.