Sunday, September 09, 2007

Our house a very, very, very fine house.
I seriously can't tell you how in love I am with our new house. Spent yesterday moving in and doing some unpacking. The kitchen is almost settled. I LOVE having a pantry and plenty of space. I also love the spice rack Brandon's mom gave me awhile back but I never used until now, very cool.
Who designs doorways n' stuff that can't fit furniture thru?!! Only our loveseat fits in the basement and only barely. We will never get our couch in there! Who wants to have a tiny sofa in a huge, party-like basement. What should we do?
We have four sitting areas in this house and only one set of sofas. It's going to be pretty naked in here for awhile. We have no dresser (but thankfully a huge walk-in closet with shelving), no kitchen table or chairs, etc. Currently we have our card table and folding chairs set up. I know what kitchen set I want, it's just a matter of affording it...
Linda gave us a mirror, some end tables, a couple lamps, etc. Thank you Alan and Linda!
Jonah loves his room, the ceiling fans, the newness of it all. The cats love it. Brandon is going to love using the jetted tub in our bathroom.
Lauren, I may need your help with decorating. Anyone else want to come up and consult? I want this book and this book to help me decorate our kitchen and dining room area. I love the color of teal blue paint in the downstairs bathroom. I love the minty green beadboard in Jonah's room. I love the gas fireplace in the front room. I love having a laundry room. I like the stamped cement wetbar in the basement and all the good lighting.
I am stealing internet from a neighbor (hehehe), ours won't be up until next week.
Come and visit!


Kayelyn said...

Oh yay for loving your new house. When Lauren, or someone comes to help you decorate, can I come learn? I am so not skilled as a decorator.

Oh, I wish I had a jetted tub. It will be in our next home. It's a must have, like a garage.

Annie said...

I so love your new house!!! Horray! Not that you didn't love living at the cabin but now you won't have to worry about killing yourself driving down an icy road to your house.
I totally understand the "house is empty" senario. We are in the same boat. My latest obsession is looking on craigslist for free furniture. I have aquired so cool stuff and with a new layer of paint, new hardware etc. my free furniture looks pretty awesome!

Lauren said...

I would so love to help you out! Maybe I can come up on a break or something? If you sent me pictures of the rooms and dimensions, I can start thinking of Mexican style interiors. Are you wanting a specific room that style or the entire house? I am excited for you!

Nancy Face said...

"...with two cats in the yard, life used to be so hard..." Everything sounds wonderful, and I am so happy for you! Don't worry about the will fill up soon! ;)

Mel said...

Fun fun fun!

You will post pictures soon, won't you?

Lisa M. said...


I am so glad you are loving it.

I am not a decorator, but Mel is.

It sounds fantastic. I am so glad you're getting settled. I know how excited you were to move.


Macey Kay said...

Congrats on the house! Hurray!

sjmiller said...

Sounds like a very fine house! ; )

You need to post some pictures!

Glad you guys love your new place!