Wednesday, February 20, 2008

All Growed Uped

Ever since Saturday Jonah has been letting go of whatever he's holding onto (legs, toys, couches, tables, walls, etc.), steadying himself and taking steps with no prompting from anyone. He is very proud of himself. I'm surprised at his independence and excited to see him that much closer to being a real walker. He is so cute! Still haven't managed to catch steps on video.
Off to Arizona today to visit the fam!


michelle said...

Are you here YET!?!!

Nancy Face said...

Have a great time with your family! :D

sjmiller said...

I can't wait to see you!!!

Kami said...

It was awesome seeing you Em. Thanks for sacrificing to make it out here to Cali. it will definitely be a treasured memory. Hey if you have any of Jessa's Tyner email etc let me know. Thanks!

Annie said...

The pics you had taken recently of Jonah on the chairs are to die for! He is darling.
Okay so I just did a quick search for events in Heber and came up with a few things you could do with a "mom's group" Here's the links:
Also, some things you could coordinate on your own that would be really fun and cheap are:
1.) A visit to the fire station
2.) Library storytime
3.) Playdays at your home. Often we'll just invite kids over to play with big push toys in the basement.
4.) Nature walks in the woods. Even though it's winter, it's still fun to do. We do "bear hunts" and looking for buried treasure.
Hope that helps get your juices going and good luck!