Saturday, May 17, 2008


Tues., May 6th - Zoo with Brandon, Jonah, and Andy. Hogle Zoo is tiny.

Sat., May 10th - ward baby shower:)

After opening all these gifts I have quite the fantastic baby girl wardrobe.

Deb, the fabululous hostess, Hi, and Melissa

Jen & I

Linda- my MIL 2- the bearer of wonderful gifts, Me, SIL Katie, and SIL Andy.

Sun., May 11th - Mother's Day. Slept in an hour longer than usual. Brandon made me a great breakfast. Had a nice time at church and spent the afternoon hanging out with my in-laws at the cabin. Watched the new 2008 BBC Sense & Sensibility; good one.

Tues., 13th - book club. Had barely started Snow Flower and the Secret Fan, have gotten a bit further into now, good book, just haven't been into a reading mode lately.

Wed., 14th - Heather (B's cousin's wife)'s baby shower. She is due a week after me with a boy:) Had fun hanging out with the Rowleys, especially Andy.

15th - Dr. appointment. Cessarian set up for Wed. the 21st, no amnio. Have only gained 2 lbs in the past 4 weeks, should have gained more like 5. Doc isn't concerned cause I'm still gaining centimeters on my fundus height and everything else is good.


Robert & Christy said...

busy girl. Looks like you scored with the ol' baby shower. Nice. You should always have a friend or two who knows how to throw a party. :) Even better when that friend is family...

Andy said...

It has been fun hanging out more. You and Jen look great in that picture. I can't wait for Wed.

sjmiller said...

How fun! Looks like you had a really good turnout for your shower!

Wow, you are busy!

Michelle SIL said...

Yeah, what a great week! I can't wait for the stats on baby #2, the suspense surrounding her name is building.....I just can't stand the WAIT!!!

Love you, all my thoughts and prayers with you. xoxoxo

Amber said...

Wow, good luck on Wednesday. My second child was born on May 22 so we'll be celebrating his birthday the day after your new arrival.

Kami said...


Nancy Face said...

So wonderful...a ward baby shower! I just LOVE your pretty black and white top, and you look great in it! :)