Thursday, May 01, 2008

Private Bloggers

For those of my friends who are private bloggers and are not listed on my sidebar and are wondering why I haven't visited your blog lately, I can't. As most of you know, my laptop died a couple weeks ago and so now I have to use Brandon's PC in the non-babyproof basement whenever I have a moment (that Brandon isn't already on the computer). All of the links to my friends and relatives private blogs were saved under Favorites on my laptop and I don't have them anywhere else. If you want me to keep up with your blog, please email me the link to your page.
Thank you.
And as an added note, I have a policy of never letting my yahoo inbox have more than 100 messages in it. Due to my now limited computer time for responding to emails, etc. it is now close to 300 and making me freak out a little. If you haven't heard from me in awhile or much, you know why. I've got to clean out that darned inbox for my own personal neurotic sanity!!


sjmiller said...

We are on your sidebar, so are we safe? Or do I need to send it to you again? (

I don't mind putting it on here, since it is private.

Good luck cleaning out your inbox. No fun! I remember when I had to do that. Hope your computer gets fixed soon!

The Huber Family said...

Our adress is

Kami said...

I can't believe you got more snow! The weather has been fickle here too, in the 90's some days and then tehe 60's 3 days later...crazy!