Thursday, May 15, 2008

A Week or So Ago

Something else Jonah figured out how to get into. Usually he's standing in it now when I find him there. He likes to stand there so he can better see the things he pulls out of the drawer above or to attempt to grab things off the counter top. Ther is also a smallish drawer in our coffee table I found him in today. He's finally big enough to get up on the coffee table and he really likes it.
A couple days ago he flipped over his little plastic toy box/bin in his room and pushed it up next to his dresser to get things off the top of it. When he saw me watching him he clapped and cheered for himself!


Nancy Face said...

So cute! :)

My youngest liked sitting in drawers, too...I even found him in the dryer a couple times! (No, it was not on, haha!)

sjmiller said...

How cute that he clapped for himself!

Klin said...

Goodness. He's so cute. Funny that he clapped and cheered for his clever resourcefulness.

Andy said...

Brov was a monkey when he was little. He would climb ANYTHING. Like the time he tied his blanket to the dresser and climed out of his window to play with the neighbors when he was 4 years old. And every pit stop on long car rides he would have to climb the nearest hill. Grandparents loved calling him back.