Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Last Weekend

In Utah July 24th is a state holiday, Pioneer Day.
For us that meant that Brandon had last Thursday off of work (he has Mondays off for the summer, so he worked Monday and took Friday off). So last weekend our weekend began on Wednesday night. Wednesday evening Brandon and his cousin, Jamon, packed and got ready for a three day backpacking trip up in the Uintas. They decided to go to Jack and Jill lake and for once didn't pack three times as much food as they needed. Linda and Alan came over on Wed. evening as well and brought stakes, fresh corn on the cob and mushrooms and we enjoyed quite a summer grill feast.
Thursday morning the boys headed up to the mountains. Around 10:30 I took both the kids and headed down Provo Canyon to my uncles house to pick up my Grandma Donna. She is in UT for 6 weeks visiting her sister and three sons and I'd invited her to stay two nights with me to hang out with my babies while Brandon was gone.
We hung out at Uncle Steve's house for a little bit and then the four of us went to Kneader's for lunch. Eating out is always an adventure with Jonah.
Thursday evening Jamon's wife Alisha stopped by to drop off her three-year-old Jocelyn and then we went to a concert. We had 14-year-old twins babysit Jonah and Jocelyn while Alisha, three of her sisters, me, my grandma, and three babies born in May went to see Due West (a country band) and The Nashville Tribute Band (B's cousin-in-law is in it) in concert. The NTB was performing its new album Trek, which is a tribute to the Latter Day Saint Pioneers, appropriately on Pioneer Day in Utah. It was fun. Got to say hi to Brandon's other cousin, Ben, who was there too.
After the concert we headed back to my place for a little late dinner and conversation before the gals had to head home back down the canyon.
Friday Jonah and Elora got to know their Great-Grandma Donna better. She also got the chance to visit some old friends who live here in Heber, my late Grandpa Jay's best friend and his wife, Hugh and Marty. Friday evening I left Jonah with Grandma for a bit while I went shopping to pick up a gift and a new Sunday skirt.
Saturday morning Jonah stayed with a babysitter while Grandma, Elora, and I headed down the canyon. Grandma went to spend time with Uncle Steve and Matt and their families and Elora and I went to the breakfast bridal shower for my friend Danielle. Danielle served her entire mission in the same ward in Oklahoma City. She lived in the same apartment complex as me for about 9 months and we became good friends. She now lives in Provo while she finishes becoming a dental hygenist.
Saturday afternoon the kids and I went up to the cabin for an early dinner with Linda, Alan, Katie, Vanessa and friends. It was a "white trash" meal with bratwurst, spam kabobs, cole slaw, and Linda's famous and delicious southwestern potato salad. In the meantime, Brandon and Jamon returned from backpacking.
I picked up a babysitter (AGAIN!), dropped Jonah and her off at the house and picked up Brandon and we headed to the annual Heber Demolition Derby with our gang. It was SO much fun!
Sunday Brandon put together Jonah's new bookshelf.

As you can see, Jo loves it.

And that, my friends, was our weekend.


Robert & Christy said...

How fun to be around so much family. Its is so lucky for both you & your kiddies. So much better than the once every few years that we manage.

Mel said...

I love the "empty the bookshelf" stage! It's a fun milestone. If your child doesn't achieve it there is something wrong;)

Lauren said...

I love that you have such fun weeks. You always do such fun activities!

karen said...

Steaks. im sorry