Sunday, July 20, 2008

Random July Stuff

Our kitchen chairs have cupboard locks on them so instead of pushing them around, Jonah finds other uses for them.

Viv and I about to take off down the Alpine Slide. I love this ride!

Jonah with Tori and Elora with Linda - SO darling!

July 12, 2008

Viv learning to boat surf.

Vivi biting it (this picture made me laugh aloud when I first saw it)!

My SIL's Viv & Tori.

Tori & I in our matching swimsuits.

Jonah doing his chores.


Andy said...

I'm so glad you posted these pictures. We have done some fun stuff this summer. Hopefully with more to come.

The Halls said...

You look amazing! I am no where near looking that good! great job! Glad to see someone is enjoying the summer in a swimsuit!!

Nancy Face said...

I love Jonah under the table and doing his chores! :D

Teddy said...

Um, hello. What is your secret sexy mamma! :) I'm jealous on so many levels. . . . . .