Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Moqui and Charlotte

I know, I know, I'm picture happy today.
These are my two 2 1/2 year old neices. Even though I couldn't get them to smile, they are still looking gorgeous. They will both be three in December, they have birthdays two weeks apart.


Nancy Face said...

I'm SO glad you're picture happy! ;)

Those two were just "scrumptious" in their adorable little dresses! (So was Elora!)

Lauren said...

The pictures are cute...but I am so sicked out with me in the background of the last picture.

Jami Baker said...

I can't believe how many grandkids your parents have. I swear Teddy is still little like those kids. Where did he come from? He walked into my parents house one day and my mom told me that was him and I about fell to the floor. Did they really grow up that fast?? I love all your pictures and what cute kids you have!

Klin said...

Ditto to Nancy's comment.

They look like they could be sisters.

So adorable.