Monday, October 13, 2008

Oklahoma Nuptials

I think of new things to post like twice a day, never when I'm at the computer. I've actually been computerless for a couple days too, and all last weekend. I'll never get caught up.
What was last weekend, you say? It was my good friend Lacey's wedding. I was a bridesmaid. It was the second non-Mormon wedding I've been in and it was a doozey. I helped plan the bachelorette party and sent out the invitations for it. I had to buy a bridesmaid dress that I'll never wear again (actually I might find a chance to wear the skirt). I won't even tell you what it cost. I flew to Oklahoma with Elora for four days, I rented a car. There were fiascoes, flubs, furor, and frenzy but overall it was fabulous.
After arriving Thursday afternoon and picking up the rental car, Lor Lor and I went straight over to my step-Grandma Vivian's house. We got settled in and had a tiny nap. That night was the bachelorette party. It began with cheese and marinara fondues on Beth's beautifully decorated deck.

From there we headed to Nothing But Class women's fitness center which specializes in "pole aerobics." They do bachelorette parties that take the incredible one hour workout and make it into a two-hour party. It was HYSTERICALLY FUN.

And I learned a chair dance that is certain to come in handy in the bedroom;)
The night ended back at Beth's with chocolate fondue, silly sexy gifts, and a lot of girltalk. It was later than I've stayed up in ages.

Friday I visited my friends Megan and Jodi (former boss at Hurst Academy & Reading Center) and had the top to my dress fixed at the bridal shop. Then went to the rehearsal at the church where I finally got to meet Lacey's fiancee, Ryan (they just met this past December). He is a doll and they seem very well suited. And after the rehearsal we went to dinner at an Oklahoma's original Hideaway Pizza. Stayed late chatting with Ryan and his friends, trying to get to know him better.
Slept in til after 9:00 on Saturday morning. That's probably the latest I've slept in two years!! Had my hair styled by my friend Jennifer who is in beauty school.

Ran back to Vivian's house to nurse Elora and pick up my stuff. Headed to the shop to pick up my top, ran to the church to get ready and have pictures done before the ceremony.
As for my top, it was strapless, which requires a bit of an explanation. I don't wear strapless tops. As a part of a religious commitment I've made to modesty I strictly adhere to a dress code. But I consider a bridesmaid dress in the same category as a costume for the theatre, which makes it an exception (think of all the devout Mormon's you've seen in plays, movies, tv, pageants, or performing at the Polynesian Cultural Center wearing strapless tops, etc.). Lacey wanted us all dressed identically and had a hard enough time picking out outfits for her four bridesmaids while she was in Colorado and her mom and Matron of Honor were in Oklahoma coordinating the effort. I told her I'd rather not wear anything sleeveless or strapless but in the end decided not to make any more trouble for her. The MoH who helped pick them out told me she normally doesn't wear strapless either but that it was more modest than most of the other tops with plunging necklines she had to choose from.

Getting ready with the Mother of the Bride, the Bride, the other Bridesmaids, and the flower girls was an event in and of itself. Lots of fun. I helped do the other three bridesmaid's makeup and did all sorts of other little last minute preparations, de-stressing, diffusing, etc. It was great.
The ceremony was beautiful. The minister was great, Lacey's dad was emotional but still managed to get in a reference to the Sooners, everybody looked gorgeous. I can't wait to see the professional pictures!

That night I hung out with Jennifer again and her husband Andy. They are one of our favorite couple's in the world. It was nice seeing them again!
Staying with Jo & Elora's GG, Vivian was absolutely wonderful. She babysat Elora a lot, provided a free place to stay and good conversations. I love her. It was great seeing her again. Brandon and I will continue to try to get her to come out to Utah to visit sometime.


karen said...

Em, youre smokin!! Looks fun. The shirt is killer, maybe i can buy it from you...

mamamel said...

Actually, you rocked that strapless costume top! Seriously, and I liked that explanation, BTW. It makes sense.
It was so fun reading the details of your fun, busy weekend in OK!

claire said...

lucky must have been fun