Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Votin' Time's A Comin'

My title is meant to reflect that I feel like a backwoods hick for as much political news coverage I've actually watched in the past year.
This is my favorite blog I've read on the political candidates thus far (though from what I've read elsewhere Obama supports banning partial-birth abortions unless they protect a mother's health). I am desperately trying to get informed on this election before I go to the polls next week. Having two kids under age two, no television reception, and a weekly newspaper that only delivers local news has left me a bit behind the times. Playing catch-up on the internet and subscribing to Newsweek have been my last-ditch efforts. Where do you get most of your news?
Thank you to Mel for pointing the above blog out to me. Thanks to Linda, Lisa A., Andy W., Jennifer W., Margo, Dad , and others for keeping abreast of your views, engaging me in lively debates, and keeping me informed.


mamamel said...

Thanks so much for the link to that post, Emily. It was a great synopsis of all the issues in layman's terms. This is honestly the most nervous I've ever been about a presidential election. Come over and watch CNN or Fox News anytime you want--the kids could play and you and I could try to figure out how fair and balanced the coverage really is.

Andy said...

Republican "leadership" has gotten us into the financial crisis (yes, we have a Republican president). Now we have government sponsored banking, under the watch of republicans, I will add again. I'm sick of republican vs democratic platform crap. A stupid president will make dumb decisions. Am I radical because I want a president that is smart? I dont trust McCain and Palin to make good decisions. I dont want last in the class McCain and multiple community college Palin. I'm voting for Obama.

Klin said...

Excellent resource. I got lost in the links and reading. I especially loved that one of the blogs states that pro-Obama comments will not be approved as there are many other places they can go.

I have too many concerns with Obama to consider him. I do wish I had more choices.

Your kids are beautiful and I love the Halloween pics you put up. They are fun. I'd also love to have the mermaid body :P

Emily said...

I give ya a shout out for taking energy to look at all your resources. Time well spent. Whatever your decision, happy voting!