Saturday, October 25, 2008

P.C. Moms' Halloween Party

Yesterday was the Park City Moms' (my online group) Halloween Party. Jonah, Elora, and I went even though we didn't know anybody else going. Jonah had a great time dancing and watching other kids and dancing some more. I had a great time seeing all the kids in costumes and Elora had a good time staring at new lights on a new ceiling.
(Prepare yourself for a lot of pictures of the world's cutest frog)

Jonah's initial reaction to wearing the frog head hood.

I promised I would take off his hood if he would smile for one picture.
I had him watch me put on my makeup so he wouldn't be scared of it (like Tucker was last year when Robin was Sally) while I wore it. He needed some makeup of his own so I gave him a green spot on each cheek.

All ready to go.

Jonah was okay wearing the hood so long as it wasn't all the way zipped up (so he had the option of removing it). He loved his frog hands (and feet).

"Smile with your teeth."

I thought he looked SO cute from behind, with his irridecent spots and bulgy eyes on the top of his head:)

Jonah (on right) found a twin and was facinated.

Jonah playing with a chicken friend at the party.

Happy frog.


Lauren said...

Cute! Did you get the costume from Old Navy?

Zach and Shanna said...

DARLING! And Jonah is cute too. Kidding. Your costume is way creative and I love love love the frog.

mamamel said...

How fun! I really love Jonah's froggy costume! I also really liked your Sally costume (and the explanation of its origins in another post)!

Claire said...