Tuesday, December 09, 2008

If I'd Been Really Good This Year

I would have asked Santa for:
a house
a newer car
a housekeeper
motivation for the things I need to do
framed artwork for all the empty walls in our house
monthly massages
a huge remnant carpet rug for the front room for Elora to crawl on
a beautiful complexion
a comfortable queen size bed for the spare room
a free weekly babysitter for date night with Brandon
a black bookshelf for my bedroom

a new wardrobe
a deep bookshelf for the spare bedroom
a dresser for Jonah
a dresser for Brandon & me
new comforter, euro pillows, shams, sheets for our bed

(I think I'd acutally like red & black stuff with a Nepal theme since our four-poster bed is silver-ish, our bedside tables are black and our pictures are Nepali, but this picture is the right feel.)

But as I wasn't that good this year, I'll just hope for some dvds, some kitchen stuff, some clothes, snow boots, earrings, a comforter, a toaster, pjs, and slippers.


Megan said...

I like your list!!

victoria said...

I slept well in the spare room!! lol!

Nancy Face said...

But you deserve all that other good stuff, too! :)