Friday, December 12, 2008

Jonah and Elora are alone playing in her room this morning while I am doing the last of my Christmas shopping online. I go in to check on them after, I kid you not, no more than four minutes.
When I find Jonah making mischief (his favorite thing to do this week) this what I do:
I laughed, stifled it, told Jonah "No, no! We do not rub stuff in the baby's hair!", took the jar away, wiped his gooey hands off with a baby wipe, asked where the lid was, received no response, ran to get my phone (camera is still MIA), set the jar back in his lap and snapped this picture.

Then I tried to give Elora an Elvis 'do.

Then I washed her hair, which seemed not to do much so she had to sport a mohawk for the morning.

She is also eating her first "biter biscuit" here. The only solid food she has tried previously has been her daily rice cereal for about the past week but I didn't seem to have much milk this morning and I think she wanted a snack. She loved it! We try oatmeal cereal tonight.

After a bath (due to a pooplosion, which is a term I think I took from my cousin Abbie in a blog I cannot locate) and a second hair washing (with my shampoo this time), her hair is still waxy and looking like this:

Anyone have any tips on removing Vaseline petroleum jelly from hair?!!


Sara and Cory said...

try baby cuts through grease pretty well, and should wash out mostly. good luck! so funny...

stephanie said...

that first picture is so great. what cute kids you have.

also, i am so glad you posted your book club list. i am adding several of those books to my must-read list pronto.

mamamel said...

Oh, Vaseline in the hair?!?! Yikes! You've got a cute little stylist on your hands!
Those pictures of them are priceless!

mamamel said...

BTW--I'm sure you've already done this, but I Googled it, and people suggest Dawn, cornstarch, and all kinds of other stuff, but supposedly baby oil really does work the best. I couldn't believe it, since baby oil's so greasy! Sorry I can't help you from personal experience! Fortunately, we haven't dealt with this one yet--lotion, yes, but not petroleum jelly.
I've got some baby oil over here if you don't have any and you want to try it. I like the mohawk look, though! The expression on her face in that picture is awesome!
Good luck!

Klin said...

Go with it. Put a bow in her mohawk and wait until it wears out or eventually washes out.

Funny post. Glad it wasn't me.

victoria said...

ummmm, yeah... Good luck with that.. lol! Vaseline is bad mmmkay??

Huber Family said...

peanutbutter gets gum out, maby it will work for that.
When Hunter was two he got my jar and smeared it all over the tub and counters in our bathroom. great post!

claire bear said...

She looks so different!good look peanutbutter hopefully will work. Great pics

Ryan & Elaine Pettit said...

That is hilarious....they look so the hair dos....Elora is sooooo pretty.

Amber said...

That top picture is one of the most adorable things I've ever seen! The fact that she seems not a bit disturbed by him having rubbed Vaseline in her hair is hilarious.

My boys used to enjoy fingerpainting on the bedroom wall with Vaseline whenever they could sneak some in there. I've had to literally spoon it off the wall before. One night they did it without my noticing and one of them woke up the next morning with a head full of Vaseline where they'd slept against the wall. Such a shame that quiet is rarely a good thing unless they're sleeping! I feel for you.