Sunday, December 07, 2008


First, Elora is officially crawling! It's so cute. It's really more of a scooch but she is at least heading forward now. She is mobile in other ways too, rolling, etc. She is also up on her knees rocking all the time, trying to get this whole crawling thing down properly. She's probably a bit of a perfectionist;) It won't be long until she's crawling like a big girl. She is also sitting on her own and not having issues with eating solids anymore.

Second, Jonah has taken to saying "kitty" and "puppy" instead of "cat" and "dog", which I find extremely amusing. Also, the past two nights at storytime before bed he will not sit on my lap on the rocking chair and let me read to him. Rather he sits on the floor across the room from me and "reads" his book to me. Before storytime he gets into his pjs, fights over the toothbrush, finally lets me brush his teeth, turns the bathroom fan on, smirks, and then turns it and the bathroom light off (though truthfully most nights it is Brandon who gets him ready for bed). He loves music in church and he loves Vivian and the excitement of all the people at church in general. I think he feels it his duty to entertain the masses when church seems too dull.

Jonah is really into sitting up to the adult table on his booster seat now too. He is a very grown-up boy these days. He also is into climbing! He pushes chairs, toys, everything around to climb up towards mischief these days, mostly just to light switches actually, so we've been safe from any major mishaps so far.

Oh, and we finally figured out what kind of music Elora likes. She likes crooners (Billie Holiday, Ray Charles, Frank Sinatra, etc.). Who knew?! With Jonah it was the Red Hot Chili Peppers that always stopped him from crying in the car. Brandon says it's a sign that Lor will be a hopeless romantic.

Lastly, anyone who has been reading the comments section of my last blog should know that Colee and I have exchanged several private emails on the subjects discussed and her last email to me contained possibly the best compliment I've ever received. It said (and I hope she doesn't mind me sharing), "I can definitely see that you have an open mind, and still chose to stand by your convictions, which I totally respect." Thanks.


Zach and Shanna said...

Oh my goodness she is darling!!

Christy said...

Jonah looks so squeezable! And Elora is such a doll. Alaina has been asking me to buy her a new sister....any takers?

victoria said...

SO many questions ANSWERED!! What a great blog... Crooners huh? I totally had my money on techno.. Guess she is normal after all. Oh well.

Megan said...

She can't be crawling, can she!?!?! Oh my.. time goes too fast!!

Nancy Face said...

These pictures are so cute and happy! :D

claire said...

SO CUTE! Im going to call and talk to u all!