Friday, October 23, 2009

Halloween Madness

The costumes are all picked out, but we still need: fake blood, two princess crowns, something warm for Elora to wear under her costume, and black & white face paint. Any guesses?
Tonight, if I can find a babysitter, Brandon and I are going to a costume party. Monday night we have tickets to see the Odyssey dance troupe's Thriller performance at Kingsbury Hall. Wednesday is Jen's adult pumpkin carving dinner party. Friday is the ward party and Saturday after trick-or-treating we've been invited to three parties, we haven't decided which we will be attending. We may go to a couple, we may not go to any.
Yesterday we stopped by a Halloween store to find a few items for our costumes.

After showing very little interest in the fun hats I put on them, the kids picked their own items to carry around the store and keep them entertained while I shopped. Jonah insisted on carrying this spider that was larger than him.

Do you see the glee on this face?

Elora's favorite thing in the store was this pink feather boa (it was Jonah's favorite thing too). I would have bought it for her except it was such a mess, shedding feathers all over the store. The other thing she liked was anything with a scary face, which she would point to and say "pu-kin", you know, like a pumpkin, a jack-o-lantern.

We left the store with: a clown nose (just for fun), glow bracelets, a wand, a white wig, and "alien" ears. Intrigued?


Megan said...

You were wise to leave the boa behind! We have a black one, & I can't believe there are any feathers left on the thing, but there are!!

P.S. I can't over how much alike your kids look... they could be twins.

Sheryl said...

I think I know what you're going to be: zombie mimes. I'm right, huh?

Lacey said...

I cant wait to see costume pics.