Saturday, October 24, 2009

Last Night

The costumes at last night's party were impressive. The activity for the evening was a photo scavenger hunt. The teams were supposed to be three couples. Melissa's husband was on a scout campout and Debbie's husband was on-call and had to run to the clinic right after we started, so Brandon ended up in a car with three women. It was a riot! We only had the iphone's camera with no flash so the pictures are terrible quality, but funny nonetheless.
(Emily = elf, Debbie = Queen of Hearts, Melissa = sexy, old librarian, Brandon = guy who thinks a fringed leather jacket is a costume)

Yes, this is two teams at a cemetery struggling to get the first photo with Chief Tabby's headstone.


Andy said...

Guy who thinks leather fringed jacket is a costume? - haha. What happened to mad bloody scientist?

Ryan & Elaine Pettit said...

What a fun idea? I love it...You guys always look so cute ya