Monday, January 11, 2010

Catch Up

There has been so much going on lately I don't even know where to start. I haven't even posted anything about Christmas. Here's the short synopsis:
Dec. 23rd Brandon and I went to Avatar (go see it!) and did a little last minute shopping for the kids. Around 11pm we finalized our decision to do our own little Christmas at our house, under our tree the next day. So we were up until after midnight wrapping gifts.

Christmas Eve we went up to the cabin for dinner and fun with Papa Alan and Grammy Linda. Kathy's brother Bobby, who has also kind of become an adopted member of the J. clan, was there with his fiancee Emily and their son Ian. Here are all the J. "grandkids":

We spent four nights up at the cabin. Christmas Day Brandon's sister's Katie and Andy and their husbands (Jason and Brandon aka: Macho and Coach) joined us and Katie's semi-sister Kathy (and her fiancee Alex and their son Bryson). Kathy's best friend Sarah also joined us. We did Christmas as a J. family on the 26th.

Do you love that Jonah has a huge stack of toys here and he's only excited about the candy cane?!

We played lots of Beatle's Rockband and plenty of board/party games and had a lot of general merriment.
The day we got home, we had Christmas #3 unwrapping all the packages waiting for us from my mom and Brandon's mom. Late that afternoon my friend Dan (who I met in 8th grade) came over for dinner and games and stayed the night with us.

Dan and Brandon playing Wii tennis.

New Year's Eve I went to my friend Andrea's surprise birthday party in the evening. She is a college friend and was in town from Hawaii. It was a regular BYU-H reunion.

That evening I went up to the cabin were my family and others were ringing in the new year.

A day or two later, the kids and I met up with even more BYU-H friends, the Rajaratnams for fun at Thanksgiving Point's dinosaur museum.

The past week has been spent job hunting, playing with the kids, etc. Life is busy and good. Hope that gets you up to speed on our little family.

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