Friday, January 29, 2010

What's New?

Well, last night I dreamt I was making out with Finn from Glee, who I don't even have a crush on. I also had the worst heartburn of my life from about 8pm til 6am last night. I never even get heartburn normally.
My sister Sarah was admitted to the hospital yesterday. She had overwhelming pain and nausea from her brain tumor. She and her son Gabe were supposed to be coming out here for a long weekend before going home for surgery. Please keep her in your prayers.

(This is a picture from 3 years ago right after Sarah had her 1st tumor removed. It has grown back and she will be having the same surgery again very soon. This time they will follow with radiation or chemo to keep it from growing back again.)

Yesterday was my second day working for Feel the Photo. I am working most of the day on Thursdays and from home a couple hours a week. I had to get up at 5:30 to make it to a meeting in Salt Lake by 7:15am. Ugh. I am doing marketing for the photographer. Anyone need great family photos, portraits, wedding pics? Just let me know.
Hmm, what else? A few more Sundance pictures coming soon as well as snowmobiling photos, etc. from Lacey's trip out.
Trying to plan out my 2010. I wish I could afford to take vacations every month:) I'm trying to prioritize and budget. We'll be doing lots of weekend trips in the summer and probably a full week at Lake Powell in early September. I'd love to go to my cousin's wedding in Canada in August and to Disneyland in October but I don't know if we can do either of those. We do plan to visit B's mom's family in Illinois in March or June and we really should go to Colorado to visit Jamon's family before they move away from there in November.
My brother Mark gets home from his two year mission to Chihuahua, Mexico on Monday. The kids and I are flying out there on the 10th to spend a week with my family.
Brandon is having his Heber office appraised soon so he can begin the process of negotiating and purchasing it. Very exciting!
Culinary Club this month was doughnuts from brioche dough. Next month Rena's father-in-law who is from the Philippines is coming to teach us an authentic Philippine noodle dish.
Elora is talking up a storm lately. Both my kids seem to get smarter and funnier by the day. Jonah turns three this Sunday. I can't hardly believe it.
More soon.


Macey said...

Bless Sarah's heart.

Sheryl said...

Positive thoughts and prayers!

victoria said...

I'm so sorry honey. I am still thinking about you!

Stacey said...

Hope you enjoy time with your family...I'm thinking about your sister, and praying for her.

Annie said...

Many prayers and happy thoughts for Sarah.