Sunday, February 07, 2010

Completely Oblivious

Apparently I haven't blogged in over a week. And according to my google reader I haven't read any blogs posted in the past six days either. I just spent like two hours reading my friends and family's blogs and I'm not even quite caught up. I have plenty to share but I'm going to keep it short for now.

I spontaneously went on a girlfriends' retreat this weekend. Two weeks ago my friend Angie invited me to join her and a couple friends for a getaway in St. George. I told her I'd been invited to three things that Friday and was going to AZ the following Wednesday so I would have to decline. This past Wednesday I changed my mind. I'd had a rough, emotional week and I needed a little me time. Thursday after working all day I hopped in a minivan with five of my favorite women and drove four hours down to St. George to stay in Angie's uncle's mansion for two nights. It was divine. Other than shopping, we essentially did nothing. We basically talked for 48 hours straight, pausing only to sleep for a few hours each night. We played no games, we watched no movies and we still had a ball. My in-laws had the kids on Friday and Brandon has the kids on Saturday and I had a complete treat hanging out with girlfriends. I love you Angie, Rena, Leah, Bonnie, and Melissa!

In other news, Elora is the cutest little girl on the planet. In the two days I was gone she picked up two new phrases, "Stop it! Don't do-ning dat." and "not", which she uses in place of "no." She also tells me, "Go way Mom" whenever she is annoyed with me and says "okay" a lot now. I have to kiss her a lot. She has also taken to sleeping on the floor most of the time now that she can get out of her crib.

Quick Jonah story:
Linda made an interesting and delicious African stew last week that she served over rice. It had a lot of sweet potatoes, tofu, and peanut butter in it, along with other random ingredients. Perhaps believing that a three year-old would recognize the flavor of peanut butter amongst it all and be able to articulate that, Linda had the following conversation with Jonah:
Linda: Jonah, what does that taste like?
Jonah: Mmm, it tastes like... crumbs.


Susan said...

Ahhh, your weekend sounds delightful. Good for you. Elora is a babe! And I have an amazing African Stew recipe as well. I use edamame beans and not tofu. Delish!

Sheryl said...

Yes, your weekend does sound nice. Sometimes talking is just the best! I love Elora on the machine! Yes, she is the cutest little girl on the planet.

Annie said...

Hum...that little Elora sounds a lot like my Mimi. :) I have to remind myself that this too shall pass. Thanks for reminding me of the "cuteness" in the defiance.