Monday, February 22, 2010

Ridiculous Addiction

I bought these "vitamins" for my kids and I am totally addicted. Eat one and you inevitably crave more. I want to sit in front of a movie and eat half the bag!
But while I am mentioning them I must say, these are a pretty awesome product. They are powdered fruit and vegetable fibers and juice in a tapioca chewable (aka: fruit snack). I try to make sure my family gets five servings of vegetables and fruit a day, but this is a tasty way to supplement and it gives variety that we probably don't usually get. Each veggie tablet contains 10 vegetables and each fruit one contains eight fruits. Adults (who like me, much preferred Flintstones' chewables over non-chewable "adult" vitamins) are recommended four of each chews per day. Gladly!


Camie Rae Coles said...

I give these to my babe, he loves them. I actually take the tablets every day. I love them too! I'm so glad someone else likes these!

Christy said...

I'm gonna have to give this one a try. The ones we have are pretty gross. I can't believe Jonah is 3! What a big boy. Both your little ones are adorable.